27 de septiembre de 2012

About diapers and this sort of things - sobre pañales y esa clase de cosas

What kind of diapers am I going to use?
Answer this question , is gonna driving me mad. One thing is sure, green diapers. But there're a lot of different types, I can't even imagine how much.
 If you are going to be mom or you have been recently I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

Reusable or biodegradable? I bet for reusable daily and biodegradable for travelling.

If you choose reusable you have a variety of options:
- AIO : All in one
- AI2 : All in two
- Pocket diapers
- One size
- NB newborn, Small, medium, large or X-Large size
- Materials: Bamboo, Tencel, Hemp, Microfleece, Wool, Cotton, ...
- Reusable or disposable inserts
- Handmade or commercial ones.

I was searching on Internet and reading a lot about this and at the end  I got my answer AI2 OS is the best option for my family and me. Just a few covers are needed the most important are the inserts.
I choose Pop-in diapers by Closeparents and in order to save some money I started to make some boosters and soakers. I bought a pair of NB at Country Bum Kids too. Trina makes wonderful diapers and accept custom orders.  I'm really happy with mines.

Taking the booster by closeparents that  I bought as model, I made a pattern and as a result I have  11 handmade boosters !!!
Each one has three layers Hemp/Tencel fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece (hope it will work ok)

I was tempted to make the diapers too, but they look complicated for me. If you're interested in make your own you'll find some tutorials, here, here, and here.
More links at my pinterest (including spanish tutorials).

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  1. Hola! et passo la web d'una companya catalana que fa bolquers de roba, per si t'interessa: http://www.petitesglories.com/

  2. Gràcies Irina!! Li faré una ullada. Salut!!