8 de diciembre de 2012

Merry Christmas - Feliz Navidad!!

Merry Christmas my dear folks!
I'm in the week 39th of my maternity so the countdown has started. I'm anxious, calm, and nervous at the same time. How can it be? Don't know :).
I will take a short vacancy of my etsy store. I want to spend time with my baby, my husband, and enjoy every minute of this new life experience.
For that reason I'm offering free shipping in all the articles in my store.
I need to clean my stash and to achieve this goal I need your help.
So spread the word please!!!

Feliz Navidad mis queridos compañer@s!!
Ya estoy en la semana de 39 de mi maternidad, así que podríamos decir que la cuenta atrás ha comenzado. Estoy nerviosa, ansiosa y calmada, todo esto a la vez. Cómo puede ser? Ni idea :)
he pensado en tomarme un pequeño periodo vacacional de etsy. Me gustaría pasar más tiempo con el bebe, mi marido y disfrutar de cada minuto de esta experiencia vital.
Por este motivo, estoy ofreciendo el envío gratuito de todos los artículos de mi tienda en etsy.Necesito hacer limpieza de mis existencias y para conseguir esta meta necesito vuestra ayuda.
Así que por favor, pasarlo!!

24 de noviembre de 2012

New York, New york, ...

Hi there!
It is possible that you find this post a litlle bit silly. But I would like to share it with you all.
As you know I have a little shop on Etsy, where I use to sell my handmade clutches and wallets for boys and girls.

Well, this week I sold one of my favourites and it's going to New York, yipeeee!!

Finally, these wallets are travelling much more than me. All I have sold until this moment (mainly men's wallet), were sent to USA (Texas, Florida, Massachussets). But this one is really special because is going to visit The Big Apple :D

Have a nice day!!


Quizás esta es una entrada un poco tonta, pero me hacía mucha ilusión compartirlo con tod@s vosotr@s.

Como sabeis tengo una pequeña tienda en etsy, donde vendo los monederos tanto de chica como de chico que voy haciendo.

Bueno pues esta semana vendí uno de mis favoritos y se va a Nueva York, iojuuuuuuu!

Al final estos monederos están viajando muuucho más que yo. Todo lo que he vendido hasta el momento (mayoritariamente chico) se ha ido para Estados Unidos (Massachussets, Texas, Florida, ...) pero este me hace especial ilusión porque va a pasear por la gran manzana :D.

Qué paseis un feliz día!!

12 de octubre de 2012

Getting ready for Christmas - Preparándome para navidad

This is the year.  Every year in Christmas I notice that I forgot to make the mince pies.!!!
I know is October now and is it better to get the mincemeat done a few months before but... I will try to make some mince pies with this.
The flavour of this mincemeat is incredible, sweet and warm.To make this recipe has been really special for me.
While I was making this kind of "jam" I was thinking  that when we will be eating those treats  in December our little girl will be with us.
Mincemeat recipes, here, here and here.
I didn't use the oven. I cooked the ingredients mixture in the same way than a jam or marmalade.
Mince pie history

Este es el año. Cada año por navidad me doy cuenta de que me he olvidado de hacer los "mincepies" (son unas tartitas de masa brisa rellenas de una especia de mermelada de frutos secos y especias). Ya sé que es Octubre y que es mejor tener el relleno hecho unos meses antes pero... intentaré hacer unas cuántas tartitas con éste.
El aroma de esta mermelada es increíble, dulce y templado. Hacer esta receta ha sido verdaderamente especial.
Mientras la estaba haciendo pensaba que cuando estemos comiendo estos postres en Diciembre nuestra peque ya estará entre nosotros.
Podeís encontrar recetas aquí (castellano), aquí y aquí.
Yo no usé el hormo. Cociné los ingredientes como si se tratara e una mermelada o confitura.
Si quereis saber un poquito su historia

27 de septiembre de 2012

About diapers and this sort of things - sobre pañales y esa clase de cosas

What kind of diapers am I going to use?
Answer this question , is gonna driving me mad. One thing is sure, green diapers. But there're a lot of different types, I can't even imagine how much.
 If you are going to be mom or you have been recently I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

Reusable or biodegradable? I bet for reusable daily and biodegradable for travelling.

If you choose reusable you have a variety of options:
- AIO : All in one
- AI2 : All in two
- Pocket diapers
- One size
- NB newborn, Small, medium, large or X-Large size
- Materials: Bamboo, Tencel, Hemp, Microfleece, Wool, Cotton, ...
- Reusable or disposable inserts
- Handmade or commercial ones.

I was searching on Internet and reading a lot about this and at the end  I got my answer AI2 OS is the best option for my family and me. Just a few covers are needed the most important are the inserts.
I choose Pop-in diapers by Closeparents and in order to save some money I started to make some boosters and soakers. I bought a pair of NB at Country Bum Kids too. Trina makes wonderful diapers and accept custom orders.  I'm really happy with mines.

Taking the booster by closeparents that  I bought as model, I made a pattern and as a result I have  11 handmade boosters !!!
Each one has three layers Hemp/Tencel fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece (hope it will work ok)

I was tempted to make the diapers too, but they look complicated for me. If you're interested in make your own you'll find some tutorials, here, here, and here.
More links at my pinterest (including spanish tutorials).

24 de septiembre de 2012


As I told you some weeks ago, I'm going to destash some of my fabric stash. I'm pretty sure I will not use all these fabrics and I need to get some money for baby clothes and furniture.

If you're interested send me an email and I will send you a Paypal invoice, shipping cost are calculated by weight.

Once you have selected the fabrics I will calculate how much it will be and I will contact you.
Fabrics will be sent via Correos España (Shipping cost rates)

Here you have Amy Butler Home dec collection

Measures and prices are the following:

1. Nigella. Petal. Forest / water lotus  - Less than a yard (33" x 54") - $13

2. August Fields. Wild bouquet. Moss / bright buds - 1 7/8 yard - $22

3. AF. Dew drops. aqua / bright buds - 18" x 26" (a little bit more ) -$4

4. N. Water. spinach / water lotus  - 1 yard (37" x 54") -$15

5. AF. Wild bouquet. Ivory / bright buds - Half yard -$7.50

6. AF. Dew drops.seafoam / fresh start - 14" x 54" (less than HY) - $6

AB. August Fields. OOP Printed on 54” wide, 100% cotton fabric
AB Nigella. OOP .Printed on 54” wide, 100% cotton sateen fabric

Valori Wells Della Flannel

2 sets of 4FQ each one. $6 each set. SOLD
I've a lot more to destash including Joel Dewberry, Kaffe Fassett, scrap packs and Heather ross, so stay tunned.


Individual temptations - Tentaciones individuales

Has been a long time since my last post. Holidays and preparing the nest took me all my free time (well and baking too, lol).

I haven't finished yet there's a lot of work to do, but until december I don't have to be worried.

Last week I was a litlle bit boring, and when this happens to me  I love to enter in the Kitchen and prepare some special meals, but mainly sweets to take with coffe or tea.
And here you have the results, :D.
If you want the recipe just leave a comment and I will post it.

I really like how my apartment smells to cinnamon and custard.

Ha pasado un largo tiempo desde mi último post. Las vacaciones y preparar la habitación para la peque han ocupado todo mi tiempo (bueno y algo de repostería también, je, je).

Aún no está todo acabado, queda mucho por hacer, pero hasta diciembre no he de preocuparme.

La semana pasada estaba algo aburridilla, cuando me pasa eso me encanta meterme en la cocina y preparar algún plato especial, pero principalmente dulces y pasteles para tomar acompañados de un café o té.
y aquí tenéis los resultados :D
Si queréis la receta simplemente dejarme un comentario y la colgaré en unos días.

Adoro como huele la casa a canela y crema.

27 de julio de 2012

Sale - Rebajas!!

I have really good news. I will be mom next December!!!! Yesh! You can't imagine how long we have been waiting for this moment.

There're lots of things to do and to buy (diapers, clothes, furniture ...) For that reason I need to get some extra incomings and anything better than having a sale and some destash too.
I've so many beautiful fabrics that I'm not goint to use so it's time to let them go.
Fabric destash will be at the end of August  so stay tunned I'm sure you will find some bargains and HTF fabrics.
At the moment for my flickr friends and my followers there are 2 coupon codes for the etsy shop

FLICKR15 applies on bags and wallets 15% OFF
FLICKR20 applies on quilts 20% OFF and free shipping

Hope you like them :D

Tengo buenísimas noticias. Este próximo diciembre seré mamá!!! Sí!!!! No os podéis imaginar cuánto tiempo hemos estado para este momento.

Hay un montón de cosas por hacer y comprar (pañales, ropa, muebles, ...) Por este motivo necesito algún ingreso extra y nada mejor para eso que hacer unas rebajas en la tienda y un descarte.
Tengo un montón de telas preciosas que no voy a utilizar así que creo que ha llegado el momento de dejarlas marchar.
La venta de telas será a finales de Agosto, así que estar al tanto estoy segura que encontrareis gangas y telas difíciles de encontrar.

Por el momento par mis amigas de Flickr y mis seguidoras os dejo dos cupones de descuento aplicables en etsy.

FLICKR15 para bolsos y monederos. Un 15% de descuento
FLICKR20 para los quilts. Un 20% de descuento además de envío gratuito

Espero que os gusten :D

12 de junio de 2012


I've been featured! Well not exactly featured but one of my clutchs appears on the  spanish blog Petrapanfilova .

Ángela is a publicist, illustrator and story teller as she told us in her blog. She designs beautiful illustrations, bags, and much more.
At the entrance I'm referring to, she talks about the importance of buying handmade items against mass production.
Why wearing a tshirt, bag or accesories that everybody wears, when you have the opportunity to buy a unique piece at more than affordable prices?
On this way we contribute to maintain an artisan market and we get something special.
Out there, there are a lot of artisans very talented, you just have to have a look to Etsy, Folksy, Artesanio and a lot of other indie markets.

Thank you so much Ángela!!!

Me han publicado!! Bueno no exactamente, pero uno de mis monederos aparece en el bog español  Petrapanfilova.

Ángela es publicista, ilustradora y cuentacuentos tal y como ella nos cuenta en su blog. Diseña preciosas ilustraciones, bolsas y mucho más.
En la entrada a la que me refiero, Ángela nos habla de la importancia de comprar cosas hechas a mano/artesanas frente a la producción en masa.
¿Porqué llevar una camiseta, bolso o complemento que todo el mundo lleva, cuando tienes la oprtunidad de comprar una pieza única a precios más que asequibles?
De esta manera contribuimos a mantener un mercado artesano y además obtenemos una pieza especial.
Ahí fuera, hay un montón de artesanos con mucho talento, sólo tenéis que echar una ojeada a Etsy, Folksy y en otro montón de mercados independientes.

Muchas gracias Ángela!!

18 de abril de 2012

Cheesecake + eggyolk pudding

Cheesecake + eggyolk pudding by lenarod8

 Este postre es una verdadera maravilla, desde aquí le doy las gracias a Ana

Es suave y no cansa nunca, sólo una pega, no apto para los que estén haciendo dieta, espero que mi dietista no lea este post ;p.

 Podéis encontrar la receta en su blog, además ha elaborado un vídeo de manera que aún os será más fácil seguir sus instrucciones. 
Con motivo de su quinto aniversario Ana sortea un lote de productos de Las recetas de mama.
Así que aquellas que seáis fans y os guste la cocina no perdáis vuestra oportunidad de participar, vale la pena. Yo me muero por sus dos libros. Compré los dos ejemplares para la biblioteca dónde trabajo y la verdad es que no paran de salir en préstamo, yo también voy poniendo mi granillo de arena recomendándolos a los usuarios, pero me encantaría tener unos solos para mí (mi tessoooooro). Y es que cuando un producto es  bueno da gusto!

Shhhhh, por si no lo sabíais tiene dos libros publicados que os recomiendo incluir en vuestra biblioteca particular.

For my english readers.

This dessert is marvellous, thanks to Ana for sharing her knowledge with us. You can find the recipe in Spanish at her blog and there's a video too.

I really recommend to watch the video, it doesn't matter if you don't understand spanish. With the instructions I'm giving to you and the video I'm pretty sure you'll make a delicious cake for your family.

This cake has a smooth taste and you  will never have enough, just one thing, if you're trying to keep fit don't read the recipe!

I've translated (well I wish I did it right) the recipe just for you. If there's any mistake I will be glad if you let me know.


Eggyolk pudding
  • 6 egg yolk
  • 1 egg
  • 125 ml water
  • 250 g sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar to caramelize the mold
  • 1 container Mascarpone cheese (270 gr)
  • 200 ml whipping cream
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 eggs or 1 extra large
  • 1/2 cup  milk
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 grated lemon rind
Preheat oven to 200º . For my US readers is 350 degrees

1. Place the water (125) and sugar (250) in a pan to make a syrup. Constantly stiring for 15 minutes don't let it boil too much. Reserve and let it cold.

2. Take one mold and add 2 tablespoons of sugar and some water.Place molds over low heat; and cook until sugar has dissolved.Do not stir. Increase heat until sugar mixture begins to caramelize. Then remove from heat and set aside.

3.In a medium bowl whisk egg yolks and egg lightly. Add the syrup whisking constantly. Put this mixture through a sieve twice. Add the mixture to the caramelized mold. Let it cold and put in the fridge for 15 minutes.

4.While the pudding is in the fridge, mix all the ingredients for the cheesecake in a bowl. Now carefully add this mixture to the egg yolk pudding. Don't throw the mix directly to it. Put a tablespoon between, in order to break the fall (hope it make sense, watch the video).

5. Place mold in a roasting pan. Add enough boiling water to come halfway up the side of the mold. Transfer pan to oven and bake (180º - 325 degrees) until custard is firm, about 50-60 minutes.

6. Remove custard from pan and let cool; transfer to refrigerator until chilled.

7. To unmold, run a sharp knife or offset spatula around the edge of the custard. Quickly invert onto serving dish. Pour any remaining caramel around the custard; serve.

Don't throw away eggs white, reserve them on the fridge I will post another recipe in a few days for a sponge cake.

 Trick: If you don't know if the custard is made. Introduce a pointed knife in it. If the knife comes out clean then the custard is perfect!

Cheesecake + eggyolk pudding, a photo by lenarod8 on Flickr.

16 de febrero de 2012

A lovely mail day

Hace unos días recibí una gran sorpresa de Paloma . Había ganado el patrón Wonky little houses de su sorteo, yipeeeeee!!!
Pero no sólo eso,  si no que además me envió unas telas preciosas de la colección Paris Apartment de Bari J. Podeis leer el post de Paloma sobre la colección  aquí.

Con las telas que me ha enviado aún no sé que proyecto voy a  hacer tengo varias ideas. 
Pero lo principal para mi ahora mismo es colaborar con Paloma y hacer un tutorial para colgar en los blogs.

Nuevamente muchas gracias Paloma, me ha encantado :).

Some days ago I received  a big surprise by Paloma. I won  the pattern Wonky Little Houses she was givingaway, yipeeee!!!

But not just this, she included a beautiful fabric bundle form Paris Apartment collection by Bari J.
Read the post about this collection here.

I'm not sure on what to make with these fabrics, I have some ideas but not decided yet.
But actually the main idea for me is to colaborate with Paloma to make a tutorial and post it on the blogs.

Again, Thank you so much Paloma. I really love it :)

11 de febrero de 2012

Oakshott cotton giveaway

Asomaros por el blog de Lynee. Tiene un sorteo estupendo!!! Sortea 100 Fat eights de la casa Oakshott.Son todas colores lisos, perfecto para combinar con todas vuestras telas estampadas. Yo al menos siempre voy corta de lisos.
Esta casa de telas es muy conocida en el reino unido. Aquí en España la verdad es que yo nunca la había oído, pero aquellos que conozcaís a Lynee sabeís que es una gran quilter, así que si ella dice que las telas son fantásticas me fio al 100%.

Teneis dos semanas para participar, el dia 24 Lynee dirá quién es el ganador/a.

Mucha suerte!!!

Head on Lynee's blog. She's hosting an amazing giveaway!! She's givingaway a bundle of 100 F8th by Oakshott. All solids, perfect to match with your print fabrics. I'm always short of solids.
Oakshott cottons are wellknown by UK quilters. Here in Spain I never  heared about them.
I've been following Lynee long time ago and I know she's an avid quilter so I trust her 100%. If she say, they're great cottons they have to be really good.

You have two weeks to enter the giveaway. Winner will be selected by Lynee February 24th.

Good luck!

7 de febrero de 2012

The usual suspects

The usual suspects by lenarod8
The usual suspects, a photo by lenarod8 on Flickr.
My hubby asked me to made a new wallet for him.
He was wearing and old leather card holder, very functional but too boring and serious.
I'm a real fan of Harris tweed. Yeah, I know harris tweed can be a little bit expensive but If you had the oportunity to touch this handwoven cloth you know what I mean. And with leather is the perfect combo!

Here you have some info more about Harris Tweed history.

I take the pattern from his old wallet and added a department for notes (is this correct?).
I think is the perfect size for men. It has four card slots and one notes slot. I'm seriously thinking to add a coin pocket on the back, but maybe it will be too much.
I will be glad to hear your comments

You'll find a few wallets at my etsy store, just in case you want to get one for Valentine's day :)

17 de enero de 2012

Paul Nosa's sewing tour

Increíble. Este chico ha hecho un viaje por Estados Unidos acompañado de unas placas solares, su bici, la máquina de coser y una furgoneta. En vez de colgar en un blog todas sus aventuras la novedad es que ha hecho un reportaje cosido!! Ha bordado todas sus andanzas.
Y vaya talento que tiene!

Incredible. This was a road trip across America. This boy travels with his sewing machine, a solar pannel, a bike and a van. He don't use a computer or a tablet to share his adventures. He's just drawing with a Singer, an ordinary Singer.
Really talented!

16 de enero de 2012