27 de septiembre de 2012

About diapers and this sort of things - sobre pañales y esa clase de cosas

What kind of diapers am I going to use?
Answer this question , is gonna driving me mad. One thing is sure, green diapers. But there're a lot of different types, I can't even imagine how much.
 If you are going to be mom or you have been recently I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about.

Reusable or biodegradable? I bet for reusable daily and biodegradable for travelling.

If you choose reusable you have a variety of options:
- AIO : All in one
- AI2 : All in two
- Pocket diapers
- One size
- NB newborn, Small, medium, large or X-Large size
- Materials: Bamboo, Tencel, Hemp, Microfleece, Wool, Cotton, ...
- Reusable or disposable inserts
- Handmade or commercial ones.

I was searching on Internet and reading a lot about this and at the end  I got my answer AI2 OS is the best option for my family and me. Just a few covers are needed the most important are the inserts.
I choose Pop-in diapers by Closeparents and in order to save some money I started to make some boosters and soakers. I bought a pair of NB at Country Bum Kids too. Trina makes wonderful diapers and accept custom orders.  I'm really happy with mines.

Taking the booster by closeparents that  I bought as model, I made a pattern and as a result I have  11 handmade boosters !!!
Each one has three layers Hemp/Tencel fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece + hemp/bamboo fleece (hope it will work ok)

I was tempted to make the diapers too, but they look complicated for me. If you're interested in make your own you'll find some tutorials, here, here, and here.
More links at my pinterest (including spanish tutorials).

24 de septiembre de 2012


As I told you some weeks ago, I'm going to destash some of my fabric stash. I'm pretty sure I will not use all these fabrics and I need to get some money for baby clothes and furniture.

If you're interested send me an email and I will send you a Paypal invoice, shipping cost are calculated by weight.

Once you have selected the fabrics I will calculate how much it will be and I will contact you.
Fabrics will be sent via Correos España (Shipping cost rates)

Here you have Amy Butler Home dec collection

Measures and prices are the following:

1. Nigella. Petal. Forest / water lotus  - Less than a yard (33" x 54") - $13

2. August Fields. Wild bouquet. Moss / bright buds - 1 7/8 yard - $22

3. AF. Dew drops. aqua / bright buds - 18" x 26" (a little bit more ) -$4

4. N. Water. spinach / water lotus  - 1 yard (37" x 54") -$15

5. AF. Wild bouquet. Ivory / bright buds - Half yard -$7.50

6. AF. Dew drops.seafoam / fresh start - 14" x 54" (less than HY) - $6

AB. August Fields. OOP Printed on 54” wide, 100% cotton fabric
AB Nigella. OOP .Printed on 54” wide, 100% cotton sateen fabric

Valori Wells Della Flannel

2 sets of 4FQ each one. $6 each set. SOLD
I've a lot more to destash including Joel Dewberry, Kaffe Fassett, scrap packs and Heather ross, so stay tunned.


Individual temptations - Tentaciones individuales

Has been a long time since my last post. Holidays and preparing the nest took me all my free time (well and baking too, lol).

I haven't finished yet there's a lot of work to do, but until december I don't have to be worried.

Last week I was a litlle bit boring, and when this happens to me  I love to enter in the Kitchen and prepare some special meals, but mainly sweets to take with coffe or tea.
And here you have the results, :D.
If you want the recipe just leave a comment and I will post it.

I really like how my apartment smells to cinnamon and custard.

Ha pasado un largo tiempo desde mi último post. Las vacaciones y preparar la habitación para la peque han ocupado todo mi tiempo (bueno y algo de repostería también, je, je).

Aún no está todo acabado, queda mucho por hacer, pero hasta diciembre no he de preocuparme.

La semana pasada estaba algo aburridilla, cuando me pasa eso me encanta meterme en la cocina y preparar algún plato especial, pero principalmente dulces y pasteles para tomar acompañados de un café o té.
y aquí tenéis los resultados :D
Si queréis la receta simplemente dejarme un comentario y la colgaré en unos días.

Adoro como huele la casa a canela y crema.